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Princess puttering about the grounds

Nana, Princess 1(hail damage) 011  Did you know we offer estate services? Princess is a permanent resident at Creekside, enjoying a summer stroll around the grounds. Can’t keep a beloved family pet, or someone in the family passes. Call us to find out more. Nana, Princess 2 (hail damage) 008

Harry & Croyden enjoying a romp in a play yard …

Harry & Croyden Kennel shots 6-3-13 020Harry Truman Wolf and Croyden Soloway enjoying each others company during a playtime session at Creekside. New buds from the moment they met.

5 Reasons To Get Your Dog Licensed

Original Content Posted by Nicole Pajer

Being a dog owner requires all sorts of responsibility. One that is often overlooked is registering your dog with your city government and getting him licensed. In the city of San Francisco alone, for example, only 16 percent of dogs are estimated to be licensed. Failing to license your dog can hinder your chances of getting him back if picked up by the pound and can get you in trouble with the law.

If the above isn’t reason enough for you to properly register your dog, here are a few more reasons why you should:

1. It’s the law. In most states, it’s mandatory that dog owners have their pets licensed. If you get caught without a license, which can and does happen, you will be hit with a hefty fine. Dogs must have a renewed license each year, which must be displayed on them at all times. Read the rest of this entry »

Why We Need to Talk About Heartworms

Heartworms! I know it is not everyone’s favorite topic, especially around breakfast, but it is very important to talk about heartworms and learn how your dog can get infected. It is also important to understand what heartworms can do to the health of your pet.

Many pet owners believe that a dog can get heartworms by coming in contact with an infected dog or picking up the worms from the environment, but this is simply not the case. The only way your dog can get heartworms is from a mosquito bite. It does not matter if your dog is the outdoor type or a pampered indoor yorkie- all dogs are at risk of getting heartworms.

The mosquito deposits the heartworm larvae on the dog and the worms start a 3 month migration to the heart and lungs. The larvae grow into adult worms and damage the arteries in the lungs. It may take time for the clinical signs, such as exercise intolerance or coughing to appear. Heartworms can be potentially fatal to your dog.

The good news is that you can prevent heartworm disease in your dog by giving them a monthly preventive year round, as recommended by the American Heartworm Society.

The good news is that you can prevent heartworm in your dogs by giving them a monthly heartworm disease preventive year round.

April is Heartworm Awareness Month and is running a fun contest— “Why Your Dog Deserves 12 Doses”— where you could win a $100 American Express gift card! But hurry, tomorrow is the last day to enter. Check out the contest page for more details and contest rules.

Your dog is counting on you. If you care, be aware!

Stay calm and assertive,

This and other helpful articles can be found on CESARSWAY.COM

The Galinski family trusts Creekside Kennel to care for their pets!

We have been bringing Max, our Golden Retriever/Huskie mix, to Creekside Kennel for the past twelve years. Dawn and her staff have always been attentive to Max. He is always excited and happy in the car when he realizes where he is going and always returns in good spirits. Last year we adopted Julia, a female adult Beagle mix from a rescue group. Julia was a handful at first, but with the proper obedience training that she (and we) received from Dawn, she has been able to adapt well to our family. We feel confident that both dogs are in good hands at Creekside while we are away.

–Sheryl & Frank Galinski

Rocky gets to relax and have fun at Creekside Kennel

Rocky, a Creekside Kennel Happy CamperRocky is very attached to me, and follows me everywhere I go. He’s glued to my side, following me to each room as I move around the house. When people are around, he hides behind my legs, or in his favorite corner.

Except at Creekside Kennel. As soon as we arrive at Creekside, he runs out of the car toward the door leading to the kennel area, without looking back, his little tail wagging as fast as it can go. He just can’t wait to get inside. He’s happy to arrive there, and happy as can be when I pick him up. Dawn does more than feed and shelter the animals in her care, she really cares for their well-being and creates a fun and loving environment for them. What more can I ask for?

–Abbe Herzig

Fast Eddie loves the simple life at Creekside Kennel!

Eddie, a Creekside Happy CamperCreekside Kennel is a wonderful place to bring my dogs. My Black Lab, Shaw, loves it here. When I tell him he’s ‘going to camp’ he gets very excited and is more excited when he gets to the driveway. Dawn and the Staff spoil both my dogs. Eddie, the Brussels Griffon, did great his first stay at Creekside Kennel.

–Joann Maher