Healthy Pet Policies

Healthy Pet Policy

Cats must be nuetered and FLV negative.For the health and safety of all our pet guests


  • All cats must be spayed or neutered. All cats must be negative for feline leukemia.


  • Required vaccinations are Rabies, & Distemper / Parvovirus. Recommended, but not required, is Bordetella. Titer test results are accepted. Further concerns regarding vaccines? Please call and ask to speak with Dawn personally. Please visit our Blog page and look up Dr. Jean Dodd’s vaccine protocols for pets, as we subscribe to her vaccine recommendation that is science based and not profit.

NO Fleas:

  • We have a stringent NO FLEA policy. Every pet coming into our facility is gone over with a flea comb and given a visual inspection for fleas. If one flea is found, before said pet can go into our boarding area they are de-fleaed. The cost of a flea bath is $35.00. We’ll board all pets, just not pet fleas!

Be Courteous:

  • Please, avoid going to your veterinarians office within 21 days of boarding with us. That’s a place sick animals go and we wouldn’t want you to inadvertently bring diseases to our guests and facility. (We know you wouldn’t do it on purpose.)