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Thank you for your interest in Creekside Kennel.  Please take a moment to fill in the information requested below so that we know how best to respond to your request.

Also, feel free to visit us from 8 – 11 AM or 3 – 6 PM Mon – Sat at 1153 Plank Road Averill Park, NY 12018 or call us at 518-283-1251.

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20 Responses to “Contact Us”

  • Lynn Schriner:

    Thanks Dawn for your response.

  • Lynn Schriner:

    Lynn Schriner or John 279-3259

  • Katherine DeWolf:

    Dear Creekside Kennel,
    My name is Katherine and I am 17 years old. I was wondering if Creekside currently has any volunteer opportunities. I have many years of animal experience and plan on studying biology / pre-vet in college next year. I am looking to add more to my animal experience and Creekside Kennel is only 10 minutes from my house! Thank you for your time,

    Katherine DeWolf

  • Angela:

    see above letter..

  • Sarah:

    See above note. Thank you.

  • Liz Sheffer:

    Hello Creekside Kennel!

    My name is Liz and I’m 16 going into my senior year, I was wondering if we could talk about employment. I saw your advertisement in the advertiser and am looking for a job. I work with and handle dogs through 4-H so I have a good amount of experience and knowledge(Mostly larger dogs with attitudes <3) I love dogs, I myself have a walker coon hound at home. I have attended quite a few clinics up at Cornell University. I am available weekends.

    Thank you <3

    Liz Sheffer

  • Lynn Schriner:

    Let me know if you have any openings on Labor Day weekend, dropping Gracie off on Saturday and picking her up Sunday afternoon. Let me know.

  • Erik Crommue:

    Just wondering what the prices are for a Saturday – Sunday board of my 2 small dogs

  • Victoria Lopez:

    Hi, my name is Victoria and I was wondering if you were hiring in kennels! I have kennel experience and would love to join the team!

  • Taylor Catlin:

    Hello, I was wondering if there was any employment opportunities at the kennel. I live less than a half mile down the road and would love to be able to work with dogs. Please email me back and I will come in and interview and fill out an application. Thank you and have a nice day!
    Taylor Catlin

  • jan berger:

    i am looking for a charcoal lab puppy female that would be available close to xmas. i was wondering if you have any available

  • Athena Nestle:

    Was wondering if you had an employment openings or volunteer work?

  • Ashley:

    If my dog is staying here while I am in averill park visiting family (dog can’t be with us due to family reasons)can I come by to “visit” him 1x/day? thank you!

  • Steven Constable:

    We want to look into boarding our two Collies ( 60 lbs. each from July 11 through July 14 picking them up the morning of the 15th. We will provide their food. Can we schedule and how much will it cost us for one run? We used your services several years ago.

  • cookie:

    Hi I’m sure u have met people like me b4 but for the first time have to board my 5lb morkey who is almost 4 years old and has NEVER been boarded or even left very often..Geo is sweet (male) and of course a huge baby and i have such anxiety about leaving him somewhere in a cage (never crated) and talked to our vet and they board there..but of course i know certainly there is not round the clock people at the place but what can ur facility do if anything different than boarding at the vet….more volunteers? more attention? thank u i mean this in the most serious way and just have to make a decision soon b4 u guys r all booked up…it would b June (u may already b booked)but its either gonna 6 nights or 15 depending…also he is so afraid of everything but adores people…not really around other dogs very often…ty for ur response….

  • cookie:

    sorry just read the info sounds great

  • Sabrina:

    Good afternoon –

    I am looking to board my 35lb dog from late afternoon on 6/9 through afternoon/evening on 6/11. Could you please tell me if you have any availability?

  • Rick Corrado:

    Do you administer insulin shots for a diabetic dog?

  • Amanda Beteille:

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