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Rocky gets to relax and have fun at Creekside Kennel

Rocky, a Creekside Kennel Happy CamperRocky is very attached to me, and follows me everywhere I go. He’s glued to my side, following me to each room as I move around the house. When people are around, he hides behind my legs, or in his favorite corner.

Except at Creekside Kennel. As soon as we arrive at Creekside, he runs out of the car toward the door leading to the kennel area, without looking back, his little tail wagging as fast as it can go. He just can’t wait to get inside. He’s happy to arrive there, and happy as can be when I pick him up. Dawn does more than feed and shelter the animals in her care, she really cares for their well-being and creates a fun and loving environment for them. What more can I ask for?

–Abbe Herzig

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