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Dog Kennels

poolYour canine is our top priority. We ensure their comfort by providing a clean and safe facility. Our conscientious staff maintains and provides the amenities listed below. After hours, we are never far. Our home is a mere 500 feet from our kennel.

Our indoor/outdoor boarding kennel features:

  • A climate controlled indoor kennel
  • An adjoining outdoor kennel run with 6 foot high chain link fence
  • 3 fully enclosed play yards
  • Concrete floors, rubber matting and bedding to allow for thorough cleaning
  • Double size runs for our giant friends (Wolfhounds, Great Danes, Pyrenees, etc.)
  • Double size runs also accommodate more than one pet who would like to be kept together
  • Music plays continually for your dog’s enjoyment
  • A second fence surrounds the entire compound to ensure your pet’s safety and containment

Indoor KennelIncluded amenities:

  • A minimum of 3 turn-outs per day into one of 3 play yards for potty time
  • Premium house food
  •  Balls and toys of various sizes with plenty of staff to keep those balls moving and interesting
  • Kiddy swimming pools in the summer for boarders who like to take a dip
  •  A large swimming pond on the Creekside property

Please see our health policy and requirements for boarded dogs.